Henning Bohl
Knot Guy II

October 16 - November 3, 2016

Press Release

What Pipeline presents new work by Henning Bohl in a guest appearance at Balice Hertling

Use the magnifying glass to find him, “Knot guy,” wishes for control, he wishes the world to be rational and organized, his wish, deep down, is that the world be sensible. Not being so, he rails against this. The knots being so, he asserts authority over them, his realm he seeks to control some small portion of, a symptom of most overly authoritative blogs on aesthetics. The inconsolable arbitrariness of the world is a scary cosmic horror, thus knot guy assuredly does not like the vast abyss of non-meaning that Bohl has been politely skipping across falling into for some time now. Bohl is the indeterminate horror that knot guy fears, of the possibility of arbitrariness, inconsequence. (This is why conservatism, tradition, fear-mongering and religion all go hand-in-hand.) Fearing a world where meanings and distinctions slip, erode and are horribly abused in dark concrete cells called studios.
- http://www.artwritingdaily.com/2015/12/henning-bohl-at-what-pipeline.html