Paul Pascal Theriault
Suns Tunnels

April 17 - May 28, 2016

Walk around Sun Tunnels. As you walk, spend some time surveying the tunnels from up close and from a distance. Look through them. Experience the interior of the tunnels and the perforations in them. Listen. Notice the way the change in the time of day, weather, or angle of the sun affect your perception.

Look at the view of the surrounding landscape beyond the tunnels. Then look at the same area of landscape through a tunnel. How does the cylindrical frame change your personal experience of the landscape? Do you notice new things about the landscape when looking at a defined viewpoint?

Sun Tunnels responds to the orientation of the earth and celestial bodies. How does the changing angle of the sun affect your perception? As you explore the tunnels, do you feel a different relationship to the earth and sky?

Sun Tunnels is a site specific work of Land art. The site itself was a very important consideration for the artist. Reflect on your journey to this site. How did traversing a distance of remote, untamed land make you feel? How does this impact the meaning of the work?"